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Centre for Reconstructive Urogenital Surgery

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Gender reassignment surgery

  • Male to female
  • Female to male
Reconstructive Urogenital Surgery

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We have expanded the range of services offered by our clinic to include the Centre for Reconstructive Urogenital Surgery.

The head of the centre is Dr. med. Bernhard Liedl, a nationally and internationally recognised specialist in gender reassignment surgery in cases of gender dysphoria (transsexuality).

He is supported by his interdisciplinary, highly experienced team, with whom he has been working successfully for many years.

The team:


Dr. med. Bernhard Liedl Head of the centre
Dr. med. univ. Felix Albert Consultant
Dr. med. Antonia Greis Consultant
Dr. med. Gloria Brüwer Specialist doctor


Dr. med. Magdalena Witczak Chief consultant

Plastic Surgery

Chief consultant PD Dr. med. Jens Christian Wallmichrath
Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Service spectrum of the Centre for Reconstructive Urogenital Surgery

  • Gender reassignment surgery for gender dysphoria (transsexualism)

    Female to male
    Male to female

  • Reconstructive surgery for urogenital malformations and functional disorders

    Reconstructive pelvic floor surgery
    Prolapse surgery
    Incontinence surgery
    Artificial sphincters in males and females
    Fistula surgery

  • Urethra surgery

  • Breast surgery


Appointments for detailed consultations and examinations can be arranged with our secretariat on:

To make appointments for surgical procedures, please contact our patient management on: