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Study Centre Munich-Planegg

The UKMP study centre was founded in 2003 with the aim of offering our patients the widest possible range of innovative therapies.

Particularly in the treatment of cancer, but also for many other common diseases, there are situations in which we are urgently looking for novel therapies, either because the established therapies are too stressful, but possibly also because they are not sufficiently effective.

Within the framework of so-called clinical trials, our patients have the opportunity to receive newly developed drugs at a time when they are not yet available on the free market.

Study patients are closely monitored and examined. Participation in all studies is voluntary and no costs are incurred by them for treatment.

All participation in studies is approved and monitored by the local ethics commissions, the medical association and the regulatory authorities. The studies are subject to the highest quality controls.

By creating the Study Centre, we have been able to achieve the following advantages for our patients:

  1. Availability of the latest and most effective therapies, especially for patients for whom standard methods are insufficient, impracticable or ineffective.
  2. Individual care by specially trained doctors and nursing staff (study nurses) in coordination with the treating urologists.
  3. Comprehensive and practice-oriented knowledge through the competence network of the UCM, a broad network of urologists in private practice.

Dr. med. Ralph Oberneder (senior doctor at the study centre) and Ms. Buchsteiner (study nurse) will be happy to answer your questions at:

Tel. +49 (0) 89-85693-2525

Contact by email:

If your treating physician would consider a consultation during our special consultation hours to be useful, please make an appointment by calling +49 (0)89-85693-2525. Please bring all relevant findings and x-rays with you to the consultation.