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Centres Urological Clinic Munich-Planegg


Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Ullrich Schwarzer

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Ullrich Schwarzer

Chief consultant Andrology

Dr. med. Wiunig

Dr. med. Christian Wiunig

Chief consultant Urology

Andrology is a special field of urology that deals with male sexual functions and their disorders.

Through the two andrologists Prof. Dr. med. J. Ullrich Schwarzer and Dr. med. Christian Wiunig, our clinic offers the microsurgical removal of varicose veins of the testicles (= varicoceles) as well as the correction of penile curvatures (= induratio penis plastica / IPP) by means of penile corporoplasty. Targeted andrological laboratory tests allow hormonal disorders in males to be detected early.

We also provide further andrological services, such as clarification and therapy of unfulfilled desire to have children, specifically andrologic laboratory tests for an early detection of hormonal disorders in men, clarification of potency disorders (erectile dysfunktion) an other examinations.

Our cooperating specialised center for all andrological questions is Andrologie Centrum München. Please find all further information at the homepage:

Our experts also offer consultation hours on the topic desire to have children in men:

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Furthermore numerous questions with the subject of sterilization and reverse of sterilization in men as well as other topics regarding male medicine will be answered at the expert panel: