Urological Clinic Munich-Planegg

Oncological systemic therapy

In addition to surgical tumour treatment, our clinic offers a wide range of non-surgical forms of therapy. These include both outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy and medicinal therapy using oncological medications of the latest generation (e.g. antibody therapy and immunotherapy).

The team:

Dr. med. Dominik Hofmann
Specialist in urology

Dr. med. Antonia Greis

Dr. med. Julia Lenk

Dr. med. Inko Maag
Specialist in urology,
additional designation: medicinal tumour therapy

Further details about our consultation hours are available here.

Dr. med. Jochem Walther
Consultant oncological doctor at the clinic
Specialist in hematology, oncology
Winthirstraße 7
80639 München
Tel.: +49 (0)89 - 55 44 16