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Urological Clinic Munich-Planegg

Patient safety and transparency through our cooperation with the Johannes Apotheke pharmacy in Gröbenzell

The Johannes Apotheke in Gröbenzell has been the supply pharmacy for the Urological Clinic Munich – Planegg since 2003.

Since January 2016, the pharmacist in charge, Sylvia Titz (specialist pharmacist for clinical pharmaceuticals) advises the wards on a weekly basis.
This cooperation represents an excellent opportunity for doctors and hospital hygiene officers to connect with another professional group involved in therapeutic products and to obtain specialist advice, for example with regard to any interactions. This is something quite special, because in general, it is only large facilities such as university hospitals that are able to enter into such cooperations. All in all, this results in increased transparency and patient safety.

Sylvia Titz, Specialist Pharmacist for Clinical Pharmaceuticals