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Urological Clinic Munich-Planegg

Range of medical services

The range of medical services available in our clinic covers the entire spectrum of modern urology. The focus is on prostate disorders and all other typical conditions affecting men. Naturally, we also treat urological conditions in women and children too. We concentrate in particular on the early detection and treatment of malignant tumours (cancer) in the prostate, bladder and kidneys.
A particular focus of the treatment we give is on the surgical treatment of clinically localised prostate cancer.

In addition to the surgical treatment of oncological conditions in the field of urology, we offer a wide range of surgical or medicinal treatments. These include, for instance, intravenous chemotherapy for a variety of urological ailments as well as systemic therapy with the latest generation of oncological medications.

Moving over to non-oncological urological conditions, the emphasis is on the surgical treatment of benign prostate conditions, the endoscopic treatment of urinary stone conditions, the treatment of urinary incontinence in women, plastic reconstructive urology in the context of sex reassignment surgery and following accidents or malformations, and paediatric urology.
To enable us to offer our patients treatments that are as effective and preservational as possible, we also maintain a special focus on minimally invasive procedures, such as robotically assisted buttonhole surgery and methods based on the latest laser technology.