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Further medical training accreditation in urology

Chief consultant Dr. med. Ralph Oberneder is fully authorised to provide the entire further medical training (60 months) for specialists in the field of urology. The further training curriculum is based on the guidelines and further training rules of the Bavarian State Medical Association (BLÄK). It can also be fully credited as part of the specialist medical training for doctors of urology with the additional title ‘Medical tumour therapy’ (12 months).

All activities at our highly specialised clinic centre on our patients. We aim to provide high quality patient care that is both safe and efficient and that takes into account the latest scientific findings.

Our range of medical services covers the entire spectrum of modern urology. We treat approximately 3,800 inpatients and 8,000 outpatients per year. The focus is on disorders of the prostate as well as all other typical illnesses affecting men. Naturally, we also treat women and children with any urological conditions. We place great emphasis on the early detection and treatment of malignant tumours in the prostate, bladder and kidneys.

The surgical treatment of clinically localised prostate carcinomas plays a prominent role in our clinic. The radical prostatectomy is a routine surgical procedure in our establishment, which, in certain cases, we also perform with the aid of robotic assistance.

Non-oncological urological conditions mainly comprise the surgical treatment of benign prostate disorders, the endoscopic treatment of urinary stone conditions, the treatment of urinary incontinence in females, plastic reconstructive urology following accidents or malformations, and paediatric urology.

We are pleased to be able to offer career starters outstanding specialist medical training, while experienced colleagues can look forward to an interesting field of work in an innovative and highly qualified team.